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Pastor and Author Arron Chambers believes being a disciple of Jesus is an issue of devotion rather than duty.

Before Peter began the most important act of his life—discipleship—Jesus didn’t ask him, “How many chapters of the Torah did you read today?” or “Are you attending services at the synagogue each week?” or “Did you give your tithe today?” No, before Peter began his journey of discipleship, Jesus asked him, “Do you love Me?” Arron thinks that we are asking new disciples of Christ the wrong questions and that it’s time to start truly following the example of Christ by asking of disciples what Christ asked of Peter: devotion, not duty.

In Devoted, Arron Chambers presents a new paradigm for discipleship: falling in love with Jesus. This approach to discipleship emphasizes passion for Jesus as opposed to a plan for following Jesus.

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What readers are saying:
I wanted you to know that several people commented about Devoted last night during Bible study on how they wished they had your book when they first became Christians. These are folks that have been Christians for 20 and 30 years, if not longer. The book is incredible!Shawn Short

Dawn - Matt Estrin Collective

The new CD Dawn from the Matt Estrin Collective includes the song Devoted, written for the book Devoted by Arron Chambers. The Matt Estrin Collective is a worship group from Greeley, Colorado.

Order a hard copy CD for $12 or purchase it on iTunes for $10.00 here. To order a CD copy please send an email request to Matt Estrin.